Our Work

South has five main areas of focus:

1.0 Monitoring and evaluation and research:

Our expertise in development of programme monitoring systems includes:
• Development of monitoring systems, plans and tools
• Building capacity of organizations in M&E
• Developing information management systems
• Conducting base line studies
• Carrying out programme evaluations, including scorecards and real-time evaluation
South monitored the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation process from 2008 to April 2014 for the Panel of Eminent African Personalities and AU headed by His Excellency Kofi Annan. The peace accord ended the post-election violence in Kenya. The monitoring project was a critical piece in the Peace Accord as it reminded parties of their commitments and the progress made in achieving the overall objective of the Accord. The KNDR Monitoring project is the only such project in Eastern and Central Africa.

As our references below attest, South Consulting and its individual staff have carried our numerous M&E assignments for governments, state agencies, UN bodies, development partners and civil society organisations. We provide impartial and verifiable information collected by applying credible methodology (operational research, surveys and interviews) to assess the implementation of all aspects of the projects and programmes that we evaluate.

2.0 Programme design, proposal development and project Cycle Management:

We have expertise and experience in designing large-scale programmes and monitoring and evaluation systems. South Consulting has expertise in the following specific areas of Project Cycle Management (PCM), which we have applied in a diverse range of sectors, including Governance, Health, Water and Sanitation and education. Our expertise in project management also includes:

• Designing programmes for government, civil society and development partners
• Designing of development partners cooperation frameworks with countries
• Advising on and development of funding mechanism, memorandum of understanding between partners, funds flow systems and tools
• Managing grant-making processes and systems\

3.0 Organisational development, organisational change and strategic planning:

We have hands on experience in developing organizational and sectoral strategic plans, organizational restructuring, developing of management systems and tools and developing change management plans and processes. We have specific expertise in:
• Carrying out organisational reviews
• Designing organisational change management strategies and processes
• Carrying out organisational restructuring
• Developing organisational strategic and operational plans
• Assessing organisational capacity within the context of programme management and strategy implementation

4.0 Human Rights, Good Governance and Democracy (HRGG) development work:

We have expertise in the following specific subjects:
• Devolution – we have thorough understanding of the governance process and key players in the Kenyan context, hence excellent in designing, delivering, managing and supporting civic education programmes in Africa and beyond;
• Rights-based civic education (and public participation) programmes. Planning and designing delivery frameworks and implementation strategies for programmes geared towards delivering rights based public education aimed at improving peoples civic awareness; promoting citizens engagement in legislative (including constitution making) processes; and/or promoting public participation and democratic controls in development initiatives
• Legal sector reform and access to justice programmes
• Land policy and reform involving research and design of land reform initiatives

5.0 Political Economy Analysis:

We have experience in carrying out Political Economy Analysis (PEA) of development at both country and sector level. We undertake PEA to reveal key foundational factors and institutional constraints to development and reforms in all sectors. We have skills to identify ‘informal rules of the game’ and the factors explaining current state of affairs in any sector and/or reform programme