About Us

South Consulting Africa Ltd (herein referred to as South) is a ‘governance and development think tank’. It was founded in 1998 by colleagues actively involved in the social-development and governance sectors in Eastern and Southern African to provide solutions from the global south. Our mission is to promote African expertise and experience in the development sector, through securing (and managing) consultancy work for African development specialists.

South Consulting brings together high caliber skills from the ‘South’ to form an integrated association of professionals. The practical experience of these professionals living and working in Africa has been appropriately and usefully harnessed to inform the development programmes of our clients.

Whilst taking cognisance of international BEST practice, we offer development solutions and evidenced-based advice, based on practical experience, local realities and clients’ needs. In all that we do, we emphasis ownership of processes and final outcomes by our client. We use consultative and participatory approaches that lead to the organizations owning and identifying with the final products. We work with and walk along with those who have contracted us in order to ensure that what we assist in establishing is sustainable and internally supported.

South has significant international consulting experience in the areas of governance, democracy, human rights and social-development. South has extensive work experience in the Eastern and Southern Africa region and especially in Kenya, where our clients include the Government, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), development partners and international agencies. South’s directors include leading experts in law, governance, democracy, human rights, and development programme management. The experts have an impressive track record in social development, democracy and governance programming. Core skills include strategic planning, programme design, management and the development of large scale performance monitoring systems.