Research & Consultancy Reports

Research and Consultancy project Reports

A Draft Inception Report for the Development of National Civic Education Framework

The Ministry of Devolution & Planning, Under the State Department of Devolution commissioned South Consulting Africa Ltd in August 2017 to facilitate the development of the National Civic Education Framework for delivery of civic education under the devolved system of government and in line with the County Governments Act 2012. The assignment involves mapping out on going civic education initiatives, and designing a framework for coordinated civic education in the country.

A Draft Strategic Plan

South Consulting Africa Ltd was contracted in July 2017 to develop a Strategic Plan for Gurtong, a non-profit media organization; and developing scenarios on the future of South Sudan under which Gurtong would operate. The assignment also involved developing M&E/Results Framework for measuring progress.

Kenya Elections 2017: Early Warning and Long-Term Monitoring. Report on National Elections Security on June, August & November 2017

South Consulting Africa Ltd Conducted in-depth analysis of the electoral environment in Kenya and paying particular attention to institutional preparedness of the Judiciary and role of NCAJ in electoral dispute resolution; the role for religion and religious leaders in contributing to free, fair and peaceful elections; and examining the county dynamics around devolution and electoral politics and national elections security.

Which way for Kenya’s 2017 Elections

South Consulting Africa Ltd was supported by Ford Foundaiton in Kenya in June 2017 to develop key scenarios for the Kenya’s August 2017 General Elections. This included identifying and discussing in detail the key factors shaping the state of the nation as the country readies for the August 2017 election. The scenarios included specific reactions and possible responses by different players.

Moderating session during the National Elections Conference for 2017

The IEBC held its first National Elections Conference 2017 under the Theme: “Working together towards a Credible and Peaceful General Election, 2017” from 12th to 14th June 2017. The objectives were to sensitize members of the public on developments in
electoral technology, security and inclusive participation
in elections and to facilitate dialogue with members of the public on key electoral issues. Prof. Kanyinga-The Director of South Consulting was appointed the session Moderator on Understanding the context for 2017 General Elections.

M&E Planning and Baseline Data for Forum SYD’s Wajibu Wetu Programme for 2015-2018 in Kenya

South Consulting Africa Ltd was contracted by Forum SYD to develop M&E Planning and Baseline Data for their Wajibu Wetu Programme for 2015-2018 in Kenya. This included: (i) re-construct baseline data on key programme indicators prior to the implementation of the programme; (ii) review the programme’s Logical Framework Approach (LFA); (iii) complete its Logical Framework Matrix (LFM); and (iv) develop a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plan for the programme.

Power Analysis in Urban Kenya

South Consulting Africa Ltd was contracted by SIDA Kenya to undertake a Political Economy /Power Analysis in Urban Kenya. We conducted a study on power relations in Kenya’s Urban regions under devolution; examined who are the winners and losers of urban sector reforms; and how the voices of the poor are heard in urban areas.

Development of a Policy Framework Paper on Governance, Justice, Law and Order Reform Programme for Kenya

South Consulting Africa Ltd was contracted in 2012 by Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs to facilitate the development of a Policy Framework Paper on Governance, Justice, Law and Order Reform Programme for Kenya. Using the findings of this overall task, we adviced the policy framework debate and developed a robust white paper for presentation to the cabinet and a Policy Framework Paper to inform the design of the next phase of GJLOS programme.

The study of the cost of politics in Kenya analyses the expenditure of individuals who contested for political office at the Senate, National Assembly, and County Assembly levels in Kenya in 2017. Drawing on data from a survey of 300 aspirants as well as focus group discussions and key informant interviews with prominent political participants and experts, this study uncovers the costs for aspirants at different stages of this process, from the party primary, through the general election and, for those who were successful, whilst in office.