PROF. KARUTI KANYINGA is an accomplished development researcher and scholar with extensive national and international experience and exposure. He has carried out many studies on governance and development under South Consulting and at the Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi in the last 23 years. He has hands on experience in managing a wide range of donor and government contracts in the development and governance sector. He also has extensive experience in monitoring and evaluation, conducting research on governance, managing governance programmes and strategic planning for public and civil society organizations.
He has led teams to carry out research and design programmes for Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda, among other African states. He has published extensively and is renowned for his contribution to scholarship and knowledge in governance and development. Prof. Karuti is widely travelled and has participated in many international academic conferences and presented papers on governance and development issues. He has also served as a resource person in the area of governance studies and public policy for many international organizations in Kenya and Africa in general. He also has in-depth knowledge of governance, peace and conflict prevention issues in Kenya.

CARL WESSELINK has experience in designing and managing large scale programmes in both public and civil society sectors. He is a qualified mediator and an expert in participatory planning and capacity development processes. He also has a special interest in designing Performance Monitoring and Evaluation systems for governance programmes. Carl is familiar with European Development Fund (EDF) procedures, having headed the Programme Implementation Unit of the EU’s Democratic Governance Programme in Kenya. He is an attorney admitted to practice in the High Court of South Africa. He has worked in the HRGG development sector since 1992, initially for an NGO as a project director in a rural access to justice programme, and since 1997 as a consultant in Southern and Eastern Africa. He has strong knowledge and skills in institutional strategy development and corporate planning, climate change, natural resource management and monitoring and evaluation.