Summary current and past projects

The table below provides a detailed description of our relevant experience and track record.

Name of Project Year Country Recipient


Short description
Developing the National Civic Education Framework 2017 Kenya Ministry of Planning and Devolution –State Department of Devolution Development of the National Civic Education Framework for delivery of civic education under the devolved system of government and in line with the County Governments Act 2012. The assignment involves mapping out on going civic education initiatives, and designing a framework for coordinated civic education in the country.


Kenya Elections 2017: Early Warning &  Long Term Monitoring 2017 Kenya DFID East Africa Research Fund managed by PricewaterhouseCoopers Conducting in-depth analysis of the electoral environment in Kenya and paying particular attention to institutional preparedness of the Judiciary  and role of NCAJ in electoral dispute resolution; the role for religion and religious leaders in contributing to free, fair and peaceful elections; and examining the county dynamics around devolution and electoral politics.
Developing Strategic Plan 2017 South Sudan Gurtong Trust Developing a Strategic Plan for Gurtong, a non-profit media organization; and developing scenarios on the future of South Sudan under which Gurtong would operate. The assignment also involved developing M&E/Results Framework for measuring progress.
Deepening Democracy 2017 Kenya DAI Europe Conducting political economy analysis of Kenya and facilitating political economy workshops; Training partners on the use of political economy analysis methodology; and reviewing political economy approaches adopted by partner organisations;


The Kenya Extractives Project 2017 Kenya Oxford Policy Management Ltd. Conducting Political Economy of the Extractive Sector in Kenya (Oil and Gas) and examining how devolution is affecting the extractives; the assignment also examines the political economy challenges facing the extractives and how these are addressed.


Perception Survey of the Judiciary 2016 Kenya Judiciary Conduct a survey on peoples confidence and trust in Kenya’s Judiciary; and public perception of  reforms within the judiciary.
M&E Planning and Baseline Data For Forum Syd’s Wajibu Wetu Programme 2015-2018 2016 Kenya Forum Syd South was contracted to: (i) re-construct baseline data on key programme indicators prior to the implementation of the programme; (ii) review the programme’s Logical Framework Approach (LFA); (iii) complete its Logical Framework Matrix (LFM); and (iv) develop a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plan for the programme.
County based governance indicators and electoral perspectives 2016 Kenya South Conducted a survey of people’s perceptions of electoral trends and voters concerns in Meru county. This is was a pilot project meant to find out key electoral trends in the counties
Access to Justice 2015


Kenya Kenya Judiciary Assess the impact of judicial reforms on access to justice in Kenya
Political Economy / Power Analysis In Urban Kenya 2015 Kenya SIDA Conduct a study on power relations in Kenya’s Urban regions under devolution; examine who are the winners and losers of urban sector reforms; and how the voices of the poor are heard in urban areas.
Monitoring and Evaluation of the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Region 2014 Great Lakes region UNSOA Evaluation of the implementation of the PSC Framework Agreement for the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Region,  signed in February 2013, by the governments of the Great Lakes region and the international community collectively committed to ending the enduring conflicts in Eastern DRC once and for all.

Developed an Action Plan M&E Matrix, Regional Commitment Monitoring Matrix and a Narrative Report of the overall commitments and benchmarks.

Monitoring of the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation Agreements 2008 – 2014 April Kenya AU – Panel of Eminent African Personalities Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of the Agreements of the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation and

Provide regular reports on the achievements, challenges and issues that need to be addressed over time.

Development and Operationalization of the M&E system for the Judiciary Transformation Framework 2013 Kenya Kenya Judiciary/ GIZ Supporting the Kenya Judiciary to develop monitoring and evaluation framework, establish the baseline and performance monitoring of the on-going Judiciary Transformation. This M&E system will provide information required to assess the outputs and outcomes of the Judiciary Transformation.
Governance and Political Economy for Development Results 2013 Kenya World Bank Contributed to Kenya’s Diagnostic Assessment of Governance, World Bank regional office, Nairobi. The purpose of the consultancy was to look at how governance affects development in Kenya and its implication for the World Bank’s interventions.
Programme development of Phase II : ‘Capacity building of the Kenyan Refugee and Asylum system 2013 Kenya DANIDA Providing expertise for implementation of the second phase of the programme in conjunction with the Ministry of Immigration and registered persons.
ICGLR regional interministerial  Committee meeting 2013 East Africa Region ICGLR Evaluation of the situation of youth unemployment in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia.
Socio-political analysis of the situation in Kenya; opportunities and challenges 2013 Kenya GIZ The purpose of the consultancy was to analyse the socio-political context from a governance perspective to find out the key challenges and opportunities for inclusive growth and sustainable development for Kenya.
Political Economy of the Kenya Judiciary 2012 Kenya World Bank Designing a Judicial Performance Improvement Program (JPIP) to support the Kenya Judiciary with the objective of improving the capacity and performance of the judiciary to deliver judicial services that are critical for public accountability and user satisfaction
Development of the GJLOS Policy Framework Paper and Alignment with National Policy Framework 2012 Kenya Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs Develop a Policy Framework Paper on Governance, Justice, Law and Order Reform Programme for Kenya, based on the findings of this overall task, to lead and advice the policy framework debate, to develop a robust white paper for presentation to the cabinet. Policy Framework Paper to inform the design of the next phase of GJLOS.
Evaluation of drought response programmes. 2011 Kenya Emergency Disaster Committee Conduction of real time evaluation of drought response programmes of 14 humanitarian agencies funded by the Emergency Disaster committee to support refugee programs in Kenya. Evaluation focused on the scale up of response capacity, information and coordination, respect for international standards, relationship of drought response to individual agencies’ long term strategy. It also gathers views on the impact of Al Shabaab on service delivery to refugees and host communities around Dadaab Refugee Camp.
Towards National Cohesion and Unity in Kenya Ethnic Diversity Audit of the Civil Service 2011 Kenya National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) Carried out an audit of the Ethnic Composition of Kenya’s Civil Service
Monitoring of the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation Agreements 2010 Kenya Panel of Eminent African Personalities Monitoring the implementation of the Agreements of the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation and

Provide regular reports on the achievements, challenges and issues that need to be addressed over time.

Independent Compliance Verification Agency for Kenya Multi-Country AIDS Programme 2008 to 2010 Kenya National AIDS Control Council Carrying out an independent compliance verification of the selection of projects funded under the Multi-Country AIDS Programme funded by World Bank, DFID and GoK. The purpose is to mitigate the risk of selecting unsuitable projects and promote accountability in application of the selection guidelines.
Review of Institute for Education in Democracy strategic plan 2008


Kenya DFID Carried out the end of IED strategic plan review to identify the extent to which the organisation achieved its strategic objectives and propose future strategic orientation.
Development of criteria for funds allocation and medium term strategy for developing one UN Programme 2007/08 Tanzania UN Tanzania Developed the criteria for the allocation of the One UN Fund Resources and the Medium Term Strategy for the development of the One UN Programme as part of the overall institutional reforming of the UN.
Country Harmonisation and Alignment 2007 Kenya National AIDS Control Council and UNAIDS Assessment of the harmonisation and alignment of national partners and development partners (engaged in the national response to HIV and AIDS) within the context of the “three ones”
UN Reform 2007 Tanzania UN in Tanzania – RCO Developed the criteria for allocation of the One UN Fund Resources and a medium term strategy and road map for the One UN Programme (2008-2011)
Voter Education 2007 Kenya UNDP/ Electoral Commission of Kenya Provision of programme management consultancy services to the voter education programme in Kenya
Technical needs assessment and development of technical support plan 2007 Rwanda UNAIDS/ National AIDS Control Commission Assessment of human resources capacity of UN agencies and national HIV and AIDS coordinating organisations and development of a technical support plan.
Positioning and consolidation of the role of Anti-Corruption Commission in the wider governance sector in Zambia 2007 Zambia Anti-Corruption Commission / DFiD Assessment of the role of Anti-Corruption of Zambia in the wider governance reform in Zambia and recommending ways of consolidating the role of ACC in coordinating anti-corruption initiatives.
Development of a strategic plan for Panos Southern African 2007 Zambia Panos Southern Africa Development of the strategic plan for Panos Southern Africa for the period 2007-2011
UNICEF log frame workshop 2007 Kenya UNICEF Was contracted by UNICEF to design a logical framework for the UNICEF Kenya Country office with participation of key staff members.
Civic/Voter Education Programme – Zambia 2006 Zambia UNDP/ Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) South provided technical advice to ECZ on the provision of voter education in support of the just completed tripartite elections in Zambia. The programme included a large a voter education media campaign.
National Civic Education Programme – Rwanda 2006/7 Rwanda UNDP/ National Electoral Commission A review of past civic education initiatives in Rwanda and the design of a strategic framework for the national civic education programme including the drafting of relevant training materials.
Sida-UNICEF mid term evaluation 2006 Kenya Sida An evaluation of Sida’s support to UNICEF in Kenya, including project grants to CSOs
Sida-UNIFEM mid term evaluation 2006 Kenya Sida An evaluation of Sida’s support to UNIFEM in Kenya including project grants to CSOs
Civic education programme for the referendum on the proposed new Constitution 2005/6 Kenya UNDP on behalf of several donors South designed and managed the implementation and monitoring of a nation-wide civic education programme, targeting all potential voters in the 2005 referendum, with non-partisan content-based education.  This assignment included the selecting, contracting and training of 30 NGOs and over 750 community-based facilitators.
National Civic Education Programme 2005/6 Uganda DFID South conducted a review of the management arrangements for NCEP, with recommendations for improvement and a revised implementation time-table.  Thereafter South was contracted to manage the implementation of the first phase of the programme, including the drafting of materials, selection of CSOs, grand management and overseeing the implementation of an electronic media strategy.
Governance Justice Law and Order Sector (GJLOS) review 2004/7 Kenya GoK and basket fund donors Advisory team to the GJLOS programme, to review this SWAP, make recommendations for improved programme performance and facilitate the Joint Review meeting of stakeholders comprising about 100 GoK, donor and civil society representatives
Danida Country Frame for Kenya 2005 Kenya Danida Designed Danida’s Human Rights and Good Governance (5 year) Programme in Kenya, identifying suitable CSO grant recipients
Building a Better Uganda (Source book) 2005 Uganda Uganda Human Rights Commission Was contracted to write a Civic Education Facilitator’s source book.
Civic and Voter Education Programme for Tanzania 2004/5 Tanzania UNDP Provision of technical assistance in the design and set up of a national civic education programme geared towards the 2005 elections and beyond
South/New Sudan Civic Education Programme 2004/5 South/ New Sudan National Working Group / PACT The assignment involves designing a framework for conducting a large-scale civic education programme starting with the dissemination of peace protocols in South/New Sudan; developing the capacity of indigenous South/New Sudan CSOs to implement the civic education activities; and developing materials to facilitate delivery of civic education
Non State Actors  (NSA) Engagement with Government 2004 Kenya EU South, in conjunction with Intermedia Nordic Consulting Group carried out a feasibility study on the type of networks in the Civil Society and private sectors (NSA) that can facilitate engagement with Government under the Cotonou agreement framework. Based on findings of the study, we designed a programme for the NSAs engagement with government on the Cotonou agreement. The programme focuses on developing mechanisms for engagement with government at policy level and monitoring of government implementation of policy.
NGO Council Strategic Planning and Organisational Development 2004 Kenya NGO Council South facilitated the development of the NGO Council’s Strategic Plan for 2005 to 2010. The purpose of the assignment was to identify the key strategic priorities that the Council should pursue in order to effectively discharge its mandate.
Environmental assessment for DANIDA/MS ’s  Human Rights and Good Governance Programme in Kenya 2004 Kenya DANIDA/ MS DANIDA contracted South to assess the implications of Kenya’s new transition for carrying out human rights and good governance programmes especially by civil society organisations. The assignment also concerned finding out capacity needs for CSOs in the context of the new political dispensation in Kenya.
The National (anti-corruption) Policy Monitoring and Adv. Programme 2004 Kenya Transparency International Facilitated programme design and review of Strategic Plan
Independent Medico Legal Unit (IMLU) – Strategic Planning 2004 Kenya IMLU (Civil Society ) IMLU works within the Human Rights and Good Governance Sector. This work involves facilitating the development of IMLU’s strategic plan for 2005 to 2010.
CSOs capacity needs assessment for monitoring of government 2004 Kenya NGO Council/ World Bank Carried out an assessment of the capacity needs of CSOs in Kenya to monitor government and recommending ways of filling the capacity gaps.
Institutional Analysis of the Non-State Actors (NSA) in Kenya 2003 Kenya DFID This study was carried out through European Centre for Development Policy and Management (ECDPM) at the request of DFID East Africa and EU. The study sought to examine the potential of NSAs to impact on policy formulation and implementation. It also sought to identify opportunities and entry points for donors to engage with NSAs. The study identified effective methodologies for NSAs engagement with the government and donors; and identified approaches for effective networking.
Ministry of Health Global Fund to fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis Programme 2003 Kenya MoH South developed the monitoring and evaluation framework and system for the programme. The work involved reviewing the current M&E sub systems in existence within the Ministry of Health and the civil society organisations and developing a comprehensive framework that utilises existing systems.
Malawi Civic Education Programme 2003 Malawi IMCHRD / UNDP


South was contracted by UNDP and the Inter- Ministerial Committee on Human Rights and Democracy to design a national framework for the delivery of civic education in Malawi. The framework spelt out the mechanisms for collaboration with actors in the government and civil society. It also provided a strategy for maximising impact. A targeting strategy and performance monitoring system were developed.
Kenya Domestic Observers Programme (K-DOP) 2003 Kenya LiMID Group of Donors South carried out a post- programme evaluation of the K-DOP. This involved assessing the achievements and shortfalls of the programme and making recommendations for improvement of similar programmes.
Donor Information Centre on Elections (DICE-K) – Kenya 2002-2003 Kenya LiMID Group of Donors Provided technical assistance in collecting, analysing and disseminating information on electoral process, campaign and results of the 2002 elections in Kenya. South was involved in providing briefs to international and domestic observers on the election based on data that South was collecting on regular basis.
National Civic Education Programme (NCEP) phase 1 – Kenya 2000 to 2002 Kenya LiMID Group of Donors Provided technical assistance for NCEP I in the areas of programme planning, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building for CSOs, managing the grant making process and materials development. The programme was implemented by over 70 CSOs organised under 4 consortia. The programme covered over 80% of the country and directly reached about 5 million adults.
Uganda National Civic Education Programme 2001 Uganda EU / DFID


South was contracted to design the framework for continuous civic education in Uganda and developed the programme document for the programme. The framework spelt out the stakeholders and the mechanisms for collaboration with actors in the government and civil society. Aspects of financial management of the Joint Financing Account were detailed as was a targeting strategy and performance monitoring system.
DANIDA Kenya Country Framework 2001 Kenya DANIDA Finalised the Danida Country Frame on Human Rights, Good Governance and Democracy in Kenya. This concerned developing a programme document and assisting in identifying the main themes for funding. A capacity assessment of some CSOs earlier funded by Danida was also carried out with a view to analysing the potential of the civil society to foster social-political transformation.