South has technical expertise in designing and managing large scale programmes and monitoring systems, including the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
South Consulting has practical experience in monitoring and evaluation initiatives focusing on post-conflict stabilization and strengthening of state institutions. We are Leading Experts in Project-based-approaches (PBAs), Human Rights Based Approaches to Programming (HBRAP) and Results Based Management (RBM). We bring innovative approaches to

• Development of Programme monitoring systems, plans and tools
• Building capacity of organizations in M&E
• Developing information management systems
• Conducting baseline studies
• Designing and conducting programme process and impact evaluations

Track Record

1. Monitoring peace agreements:

South Consulting has a strong conflict analysis perspective of these contexts before and after the peace agreements, and is familiar with the important aspects of peace negotiations, including the role of signatories, good offices of the UN, regional bodies, peace-keeping and peace-support missions, and collaborating partners in the implementation of peace agreements and stabilization of the region. South Consulting has experience and understanding of peace processes.

• Tracked progress of implementation of the 2008 Kenya National Accord and Reconciliation Agreement that ended the post-election crisis.
• Contracted to produce a status report on the Peace, Security and Cooperation (PSC) Framework for the DRC and the region. Following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) for the Sudan in 2005,
• Provided support to civil society groups in South Sudan to disseminate the contents of the CPA.
• Studied the 2000 Burundi Peace Agreement, including its protocols and implementation modalities, and mediation efforts involving non-state actors in Eastern DRC.
• Tracked and studied peace processes led by the African Union, IGAD, SADC and African Union eminent personalities.
• Researched and analyzed the peace processes, outcomes and structure of agreements for situations in Northern Uganda, Burundi and post-genocide Rwanda.
• Familiar with the Somali Peace Process, including the roadmap towards ending the transition and its constitutional process.

2. Designing and managing large scale programmes and monitoring systems

• Monitoring and Evaluation of the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Region
• Monitoring of the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation Agreements (2008-2014)
• Development and Operationalization of the M&E system for the Judiciary Transformation Framework
• Independent Compliance Verification Agency for Kenya Multi-Country AIDS Programme (2008-2014)