South Consulting has an in-depth understanding of democracy / governance / human rights sector in Southern and Eastern Africa and a detailed knowledge of the actors in these sectors
South has been extensively engaged to work in the democracy, governance and human rights sectors in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. We have a sound knowledge of the role that civil society plays in advancing a-rights based approach to development. We have undertaken assignments to build the capacity of civil society organisations and public sector institutions involved in the advancement of human rights and public service delivery, in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zanzibar, Malawi, Uganda, South Sudan, Zambia, Rwanda and Cambodia.

EXPERIENCE in development of civic education content includes:

• Civic education materials including: curriculum, handbooks, trainers’ guide, posters flipcharts, brochures, and below-the-line media materials
• Designing, delivering, managing and supporting civic education programmes in Africa and beyond.
• consultancy advice in the research, curriculum design, content development


1. Devolution – thorough understanding of the governance process and key players in the Kenyan context, hence excellent in designing, delivering, managing and supporting civic education programmes in Africa and beyond

2. Rights-based civic education (and public participation) programmes. Planning and designing delivery frameworks and implementation strategies for programmes geared towards delivering rights based public education aimed at improving peoples civic awareness; promoting citizens engagement in legislative (including constitution making) processes; and/or promoting public participation and democratic controls in development initiatives

3. Legal sector reform and access to justice programmes

• legal sector SWAPs;
• anti-corruption programmes;
• community-based paralegals;
• litigation funds; and
• legal aid

4. Land policy and reform involving research and design of land reform initiatives

Track Record

• Civic and Voter Education in Kenya in the lead up to the 2007 general elections
• Civic education in Kenya for Constitutional Referendum education (2005)
• National Civic Education Programme (NCEP) Kenya (2000-2002)
• National Civic Education Programme in Uganda (2005 -2006)
• Voter Education Programme in Zambia, 2006
• Civic and Voter Education Programme for Tanzania and Zanzibar (2004-2005)
• National Civic Education Programme in Rwanda (2006)
• South/New Sudan Civic Education Programme, 2004
• Uganda National Civic Education Programme (2001)
• DANIDA Kenya Country Framework (2001)
• National Civic Education Programme (NCEP) phase 1 – Kenya (2000 – 2002)