Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation (KNDR) Monitoring Project

KNDR Monitoring Project Reports

The political crisis and violent conflict that followed the disputed presidential election results in December 2007 threatened the very existence of Kenya as a nation-state. However, in January 2008, following the mediation by the African Union Panel of Eminent African Personalities (chaired by Mr. Kofi Annan), the parties to the dispute constituted the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation (KNDR). On 28 February 2008, the parties - the Government/Party of National Unity (PNU), and the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) - signed the Agreement on Principles of Partnership of the Coalition Government. The two parties working under the KNDR initiative agreed to tackle four main agenda items to end the political crisis and address its underlying causes. South Consulting has been monitoring implementation of the agreements under each of the four agenda items:

  • Agenda Item 1: Immediate Action to Stop Violence and Restore Fundamental Rights.
  • Agenda Item 2: Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis, and Promoting Healing and Reconciliation.
  • Agenda Item 3: How to Overcome the Political Crisis (power sharing).
  • Agenda Item 4: Tackling Long-term Issues.

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